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Latest Updates

4-14-2010: New demo songs on MartianSource.com

Three new demos of songs I am working on recording have been posted in the music section at MartianSource.com, and two more will be added over the weekend. Check them out!

4-2-2010: There and Back Again Travel Archive finally complete!

There and Back Again, the journal of my family's 2005 cross-country roadtrip, is finally online, complete with a nearly 200-image photo gallery, and the complete home movie I made of the trip, as well as a digital version of the original 28-page scrapbook we created. All of that can be seen here in the Travels section. Check it out, it's well worth the trip.

2-19-2010: Letters in the Sand in Beverly Hills and on YouTube

Letters in the Sand will be screened at the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday, March 20th. I will be in attendance and hold a Q&A session after the screening. For more information about screenings of Letters in the Sand, visit MartianSource.com. In other news, an enhanced version of Letters in the Sand, with fully remastered audio, is now available on YouTube, and, in highest quality, at the MartianSource website.

10-6-2009: Letters in the Sand at the High Desert Film Festival

Letters in the Sand will be screened at the High Desert Shorts International Film Festival in Pahrump, Nevada on Saturday, November 7th. For more information about screenings of Letters in the Sand, visit MartianSource.com.

9-30-2009: Letters in the Sand at the Chashama Film Festival

Letters in the Sand will be screened at the Chashama Film Festival in New York City on Saturday, October 24th. For more information about screenings of Letters in the Sand, visit MartianSource.com.

8-1-2009: MartianSource website launched!

Finally, the long-awaited launch of the MartianSource Productions website has arrived! From now own, MartianSource will be the home of all of my media-related projects. (Although, I'll stille be keeping my old Mediaworks videos here, on this site.) You'll be able to go there to get information about my films, such as Letters in the Sand, which has just been selected to appear in the Tacoma Film Festival, and musical compositions, such as California Sunset (the theme song from Letters in he Sand, which is now available in an expanded demo version, complete with instrumental accompaniment.) The MartianSource website will also include information about my web development/graphic design business.

6-26-2009: 16mm Films from Fall Quarter

Now I'll admit that it's been much more than a week since I said I was going to upload my 16mm film from Fall quarter, but it's taken a lot longer than I planned to get everything together. (Isn't it always like that?) But now it's done—the five 16mm projects I did in Fall and Winter quarters are all up. You can see them here. In fact, all of the projects that I was directly involved it are up now. (There are two more projects which I worked on, but don't have copies of—they aren't likely to be up anytime soon.) I'm taking too classes right now: Producing and Sequencing Music and Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill, you might see some stuff from the former appearing on this site soon. And I still want to get my blog going one of these days...

6-8-2009: Letters In The Sand, and other Mediaworks

It's been a really long time (almost three months) since my last update. I've been incredibly busy with this latest project, Letters In The Sand, my most ambitious to date. For the first five weeks of the quarter I was shooting principal photography in Southern California, and since then I've been working hard to get the editing, sound, and additional photography finished. And now that it is finished, and the quarter is nearly over, you can finally witness the results. I've also uploaded four more Mediaworks projects I did back in Fall Quarter (which I've been promising to upload for a long time now). I hope to have the rest of my old Mediaworks film uploaded by the end of the week, once I get my old 16mm projects transferred.

3-12-2009: There And Back Again, Part V & Circumnavigating LA

It's finally over! Today we finished our last project for Mediaworks in Winter Quarter. And in celebration, I'm posting the next part of the There And Back Again (the Movie). This one is pretty long, but it's also pretty beautiful. There are still four parts to go, and now that the quarter is over I should finally have time to get the rest of them finished. Plus, three more parts of the Circumnavigating Los Angeles photo gallery. More is coming over the weekend, so stay tuned...

2-24-2009: Mediaworks Projects and more of There and Back Again

Sorry about the long lag in updates (who am I kidding, no one actually visits this site do they?), I've been really busy with schoolwork. But to make up for the long break, I have uploaded three new segments of There and Back Again: the Movie. You can see them here, here, and here. I also have my three most recent Mediaworks projects (a.k.a. what's been keeping me from working on this site) here. I haven't got any more of the There and Back Again or Circumnavigating Los Angeles scrapbooks done yet, but keep an eye out in the next few weeks.

1-31-2009: Circumnavigating LA (Part 1)

Here's another surprise—something I wasn't expecting to get to for at least a few more months—the first photo gallery from my Circumnavigation of Los Angeles in the summer of 2007. I wasn't planning to work on this trip next, but I happened to find the photos while sorting through my external hard-drive, and just had to jump in. Editor's note: this trip features (what I believe to be) some of the most beautiful digital photography I have ever done.

1-28-2009: There and Back Again & Grateful Dead Stats

As of last weekend, the first part of There and Back Again—the video documentary of my 2005 cross-country road trip—and the first two pages of the accompanying scrapbook are now available in the Travels section. Look out for another installment this weekend (and hopefully every weekend.)

Also, over in Projects, you can get a taste of what the Grateful Dead Statistics site is going to be like. I must warn you, there isn't much to see yet, and it will probably be a very long time before this site gets finished—I had no idea how tedious Flash development is...

Such a long, long time to be gone...

Well, here it is, finally, the long awaited relaunch of my website. As of now, I have restarted my Web Journal and added some content in Travels and Projects. There's still a lot more content to come in those two sections, and I haven't added any links yet, so keep coming back to see more. I'm hoping to get an update done every week or so, until then, enjoy!


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